Bilingual search

Parallel corpora have a special Bilingual search section in the search form. You can launch two searches, for each language, simultaneously.

For Russian and foreign languages, there are separate groups of boxes describing word conditions. In each of these groups you can specify sequences of lexemes and/or word forms with certain grammatical and/or semantic characteristics, in the same way as in the lemma and tags search form.

Clicking the Search button will open the search results.

You will obtain segments of text (usually sentences) where both in the original and in the translation there are matches to your queries: for example ambitious in English and амбициозный in Russian. These do not have to be translation equivalents: for example, for a query such as "Russian чай — German Kaffee" you can get results such as чай и кофе in Russian texts and Tee und Kaffee in German texts.

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