Copying and downloading the examples

The new interface offers several ways to share the search results:

  • copy a short URL link to the search results
  • copy an example
  • download a file with examples
Copy a short URL link to the search results

The header contains a Copy link button. By clicking this button on the search results page you save into the clipboard a short link, such as . 

You can share this link with other users or use it for publishing the search results in an article.

Everyone who opens this link will see the results of your query, including an eventual subcorpus filter if you had set it.

Unlike the parameters of a subcorpus you saved, the parameters of a temporary subcorpus you received in the link from another user are highlighted in orange. 

By clicking the Reset button, you can reset the temporary subcorpus, going back to your own saved subcorpus. 

If you wish, you can save this temporary subcorpus in your browser. Click Edit to see all the parameters, edit them, get the document list and save it. 

Copy an example

In the search results, there is a Copy text button beside each example, including the extended context ones.

Click the Copy button to save the example, including the document data. You can paste the example from the clipboard into any word processor. The word that you searched for will be highlighted in italic. Here is an example:

Download a file with examples

The Download button on the search results menu allows you to download your search results in either Excel or CSV format.

The downloaded file cannot exceed 5000 examples for authorized users and more than 1000 examples  for unauthorized users for Main, Educational and Media corpora. If your query yields more examples, only the first 5000 will be saved in the file, according to your sorting preferences.

If you want to download all the examples in your search query, tune your query so that it yields no more than 5000 examples, and then click the Download button.

In other corpora, fewer examples are downloaded to the file.

The Info sheet in Excel file displays information about the query parameters, the results of which are downloaded to the file:

How to quote

When quoting, remember to always include a reference to the Russian National Cotpus.

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