Subcorpus portrait

The Subcorpus portrait provides information about the subcorpus structure and compares the statistical characteristics of the subcorpus and the whole corpus.


The subcorpus header is shown at the top if a subcorpus was created. It provides higher-order information about the subcorpus.

The header includes information about the corpus size in texts and in words as well as the paramters of the subcorpus. Use the Create, Change and Clear buttons to manage the contents of the subcorpus.

You can open the subcorpus portrait pages by cllicking the (i) buttion in the header.

Portrait structure

The subcorpus portrait includes:

  • description of the documents included into the subcorpus
  • statistics compared to the actual whole corpus (currently in the Main and Media corpora only, to be included in all other corpora later)
  • diacronic statistics (to be implemented)
  • frequency dictionary of the subcorpus (currently in the Main and Regional & International media corpora only, to be included in all other corpora later)

You can generate a short link to the corpus portrait by cllicking the Copy link button in the header.

The search page of the subcorpus can be opened by clicking the Magnifier button on the blue bar.

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